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Holiday Fun

Joining us for the holidays this year? While we may not have snow, our powdery white sand is our equivalent. Your frostbite is our sunburn, and the typical unbearable humidity of Florida dissipates in the winter. December is chalk full of family fun activities for everyone to get in the holiday spirit. One of my […]

New Beach Business: Ciao Ice Cream Bar!

Located on 63 Baymont St., is a newfound scoop of joy. While strolling down Mandalay to past pier 60,¬† one cannot undoubtedly miss the plethora of ice cream shoppes¬†along the way. Rightfully so, there is just something about ice cream that pairs exceptionally well with a day at the beach. This new businesses decided to […]

10.13.17 Blog

We are catching back up with one of our properties, the Five Palms. Currently staying, the Herrling Clark Law Firm. They rented out the whole Five Palms for their fall retreat and are certainly enjoying all of what our little slice of paradise has to offer. Patty Belloise drove up in high fashion in the […]