Chapel-By-The-Sea successfully bridges the needs of the Clearwater Beach community with its year-round residents, regular part-year residents, visitors from the neighborhood, and tourists from the local hotels and condos. Sunday School and youth programming continue to be mainstays. Adult Bible study and Sunday School programs are augmented by the seasonal Non-Trivial Pursuits presentations. Inspirational sermons and incredible music fill the pews at Sunday worship services.

What we call “Outreach” offers everyone a chance to be helpful to others. Groups are formed and programs are developed to benefit agencies and organizations like RCS (Religious Community Services) and Everybody’s Tabernacle, as well as international projects and members of the local community who are down on their luck, etc. Chapel folk drive, walk, paint, and donate food and clothes and time and blood. They deliver meals; they pick up food. They organize events, they participate, they eat, they laugh, they have fun.

The youth create their own Outreach programs – they visit the elderly and shut-in, taking small gifts, singing, and spending time with them. They have collected supplies and worked at a local sanctuary for sealife. This year for the first time, they earned the money and are did the work to provide a meal at Peace Memorial Church’s homeless project.

Chapel-By-The-Sea is Clearwater Beach’s Commmunity Church. You’re always welcome here.

Chapel By The Sea

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