Chute Em Up parasail

Until you’ve seen Clearwater Beach from a parasail flight, you haven’t seen Clearwater Beach!
Imagine flying up to 800 feet above the Gulf of Mexico, then the boat stops! You slowly drift downward and just when you are about to get dunked, WHOOOSH, the boat takes off and you go soaring back up!

RIDE THE WIND under our parasail and you’ll never again be happy just being a landlubber. Grin to the thrill and the beauty of soaring hundreds of feet above the Gulf of Mexico. The colorful parasail sparkles overhead while you enjoy a birds eye view in a peaceful and serene world. The ride is breathtaking and thoroughly enjoyable. The parasail is very stable so you will enjoy the ride without having to steer. And landings are always safe and gentle.

Take off & land on the deck of our specially designed winchboat for a safe ride!
The Chute ‘Em Up is a “winchboat”. A winchboat employs what is literally “state of the art” technology. During the parasail process you will not have to run on the beach to take off. You will not be lifted from another boat or platform. Consequently, it is unlikely that you will ever see a winchboat parasail boat on “America’s Funniest ( most painful ) Home Videos”. With winchboat technology you can even fly up to 3 persons at a time. This is great for flying mom, dad, and kid together.

Chute Em Up Parasail

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