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New Beach Business: Ciao Ice Cream Bar!

Located on 63 Baymont St., is a newfound scoop of joy. While strolling down Mandalay to past pier 60,  one cannot undoubtedly miss the plethora of ice cream shoppes along the way. Rightfully so, there is just something about ice cream that pairs exceptionally well with a day at the beach. This new businesses decided to seize the relationship of beach and ice cream, although this is the only shop with its one-of-a-kind twist. At Ciao Ice Cream Bar™, you will find handcrafted alcohol-infused ice cream and freshly made gelato. Whether it be scooped or rolled, I can attest that it is DELICIOUS.  In addition to the exceptional ice cream itself, the two European owners bring a sense of warm companionship to the atmosphere that will leave you coming back for more. They opened their doors October 20th, so swing in and show some love for their grand opening!

For more information, check them out and ‘like’ them on facebook here // (727) 223-9536

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